Technics SL-1200 RCA cable replacing

I have thought the RCA cables and plugs attached to it are  poor. So, I replaced RCA cable and plugs of defact-standard turntable ‘Technics SL-1200’.

The result is … it is worth doing because the sound comes from new RCA cable is much clearer than what from old one.

Eventhough the procedure requires soldering for replaceing them, but it is easy to do even for me who soldered something for the first time of my life. I recommend this replacing to everyone who uses Technics SL-1200, so I shared the procedure below with photos.

I changed them  to the one from Mogami which is famous for its cost-performance.It cost only 300yen per meter.



What I bought are below.

  1. RCA cables : [ Mogami 2534 Neglex ”Quad” miccable 1m ] * 5
  2. RCA plugs : [ Nakamichi 24K RCA plug soldering type 4set  ] * 1
  3. Soldering cleaner : [ goot Soldering cleaner CP-2015 ]
  4. Heat Clips : [ goot HeatClip H-2SL ]
  5. Clip : [ Yazawa mini clip CLW9PW ]
  6. Vise : [ goot mini vise ST-80 ]
  7. Soldering Heater
  8. Solder


  1. IMG_2014-10-18_15-51-32.jpegTurn your SL-1200 over, take off all screws.

  2. IMG_2014-10-18_15-56-23.jpegThis is what you can see when you finished to take off all screws. You can see Gray Metal plate in the upper-left side of this photo. There is the circuit board which RCA cables are attached is below this metal plate.

  3. IMG_2014-10-18_16-00-07.jpegThis is what you can see when you take off the gray metal plate. You can see green circuit board here with RCA cables soldered.

  4. IMG_2014-10-18_16-02-09.jpegYou have to detach the solder which red and white cable are attached using soldering cleaner.

  5. IMG_2014-10-18_16-01-29.jpegMagnifying. You have to clean up the 4 solderings which is to the red cable, to the white cable, and 2 more besides one.

  6. IMG_2014-10-18_16-12-52.jpegThis is what you can see when you finished to take off the white one and its besides.

  7. IMG_2014-10-18_16-16-42.jpegThis is what  you can see both of it and its besides. By the way, you can see blue white red green colored tiny copper wire. This copper wire directly connected to the one  behind the needle shell. Yes, tiny electronic impulse from the groove of the records is DIRECTLY connected to the RCA cable on this circuit board. Physical record groove and needle and magnet directly make the sound you hear. Because you directly see that fact, you are more record lover. Replacing work is spuring on.

  8. IMG_2014-10-18_16-21-44.jpegRight red cable is old one, Left blue is new one. You can see how default red RCA cable is poor.

  9. IMG_2014-10-18_13-25-16.jpegNew cable. Blue and clear colored pair.

  10.  IMG_2014-10-18_16-36-52.jpegpairing both color.

  11. IMG_7355(1).jpgSoldering.

  12.  IMG_7359.jpgTie wraped.

  13. IMG_7361.jpg金属板から引き出す。ケーブルが太くなったため、元々引きぬき防止のためにネジでこの金属板に固定されていたパーツは使えなくなる。そのため、引き抜き 防止のため金属板のネジ穴にタイラップで止めた。

  14. IMG_7362(2).jpg裏釜から引き出して、裏釜をネジ止めして。

  15.  IMG_7366.jpg完成。

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