nexus7(2012) docking station works only on Android OS 4.2

nexus7 2012‘s docking station(product number:90-XB3XOKDS00020-)(JAN code:886227273485) works only on AndroidOS 4.2 or higher.

I have the dockin station and have been using for years.

But Recently I found the took called Nexus Root Toolkit, which makes us to up/downgrade the AndroidOS from 4.1.x to 5.

It is nice tool because not only make it easy to up/downgrading but rooting, unrooting, unlocking re-locking

I unlocked my nexus7 2012 and downgrade it to 4.1.x because it became insanely slow on androidos 5.1.

After that, I could not charge the device by using docking station.

At first I did not know that the docking station works only on 4.2 or higher, and I thought that I encountered the electronical disfunctional situation on my dock, and I was about to throw it away.

Do not throw it away before you check your androidOS.

I can not find this information on but can find on

If you can read Japanese, read my Japanese version of this article.


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